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HomeDash is a simple dashboard that allows to monitor and interact with many different services in order to have a single entry point for one's dedicated server via a set of Plugins. It's easy to install, setup and use.


The dashboard plugins can be arranged and resized in any way. The mobile, tablet, desktop layouts and your custom ones have their own arrangement so each screen is really tailor-made.


HomeDash is fully responsive, it will adapt to any device, from mobile to desktop. Custom sizes of layouts can be created so it can really fit any device devices. A kiosk mode is also available so it can be displayed full screen on TVs or Raspberry Pis with small screens.


HomeDash allows to have multiple boards so plugins can be categorized to avoid having a cluttered dashboard.

All in one

Homedash can import plugins from another instance to keep everything at one place.


Homedash has many different plugins to connect and interact with many services.